This is a response to the spineless Judas known as the Republican Party, which has sold out the conservative movement in order to get more votes. In the wake of the absolute trouncing by the Democrats, it should have been obvious to the party that this approach does not work. Yet, there are still prominent voices saying that the party should jettison "divisive" conservatism (i.e. social conservatism) in order to get "widen the tent", even though conservatism WINS elections every time!

FACT: Reagan was unashamedly conservative and won resoundingly in 1980 and in the second biggest landslide in US history in 1984 (The biggest landslide, by the way, was against the ultra-left wing McGovern).

FACT: When Bush seemed to be faltering in the polls in 1988, his campaign began to emphasize his conservatism (showing Dukakis to be the liberal he was), resulting in Bush handily winning in 1988.

FACT: Learning from Dukakis campaign (and particularly its evident lack of patriotism), the Clinton campaign hammered the idea that they a "new kind of liberal", which was more toward the middle, such by saying the Pledge of Allegiance(!) at the Democratic Convention and distancing the Clintons from their left-wing past.

FACT: The Republican Party publicly signed the overtly conservative "Contract with America" and took back both houses of Congress in 1994.

FACT: The party had no real message in 1996 or 1998 (other than Clinton was sleezy), and Dole wasn't all that conservative (being called "the tax collector for the welfare state") and therefore had an anemic showing at the polls.

FACT: The close election in 2000 was due to Gore running NOT as being less conservative, but as having more experience.

FACT: The conservative policy of Bush, such as regarding tax cuts and a strong military, was clearly endorsed by the midterm elections, especially in light of that scary "socialist rally" at Paul Wellstone's funeral.

FACT: In 2004, not only was Bush reelected because of Kerry's hypocritical condemnation of tax cuts for the rich and of Vietnam veterans, but also EVERY state proposition (with only one exception-- and that just barely) defending traditional marriage passed, most with an almost 2-1 margin.

FACT: The Republican Party was punished in the 2006 midterm elections because of its plan to give amnesty to illegal aliens and of the administration's unwillingness to capitalize on the successes in Iraq (NOT because we were losing).

FACT: In 2008, McCain was all but shunned by most conservatives until he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate, at which time not only did he appeal to most conservatives, but actually surged ahead Obama in the polls.

FACT: In 2012, Mitt Romney avoided social conservative issues, such as by not supporting Chick-Fil-A (even though that chain broke it's worldwide sales record!) and the GOP convention seemed nothing more but a vapid therapy session, as signified by Mia Love's statement "we didn't look to government, we looked within." As a result, Obama was reelected by a comfortable margin.

If the Republican Party continues to shoot itself in the foot by avoiding "contraversial" issues such as abortion, the party of Lincoln, founded on the "divisive" stand of opposing slavery, will go the way the of the Whigs, which actively sought to avoid the issue. Of course, the party at large seems more concerned at fixing its fund-raising apparatus and focusing on demographic changes, rather than sticking to principles. Moreover, there are many who are unable or unwilling to see that the more libertarian ideas of less government and less taxes compliments and is complimented by social conservatism. For starters, the government would be less in a position to justify support for left-wing legislation, which require constant funds for "entitlement" programs and "compliance", if it was forced to live within its means; otherwise, a government which denies any sense of fiscal responsibility to live within any kind of budget, feels no compunction to expand its powers to dangerous levels (and to continue to increase spending of money it doesn't have), thus enabling to dictate any kind of radical agenda it so desires, by setting up more and more entitlements (that is, more money) for groups demanding "special recognition", as well as by violating the liberties of those groups it sees as a threat to that agenda, such as by the imposition of arbitrary fees or taxes, or establishment of surveillance, or restricting publications supporting said groups (see below), without any regard to cost to the taxpayers of imposing these "measures". As we have already seen with the HHS decree regarding Catholic universities, when the government has total control of, say, healthcare, it can coerce individuals and institutions to submit to a radical agenda under threat of being denied coverage.

UPDATE - VERY SCARY FACT: In 2013, the IRS admitted to targeting conservative groups like the TEA Party (even a former Clinton official was outraged!), and it is that same IRS that is expanding its power to "enforce" Obamacare, which in turn mandates that employers must abortion-related medical costs, regardless of that employer's religious views.

Myths about Social conservatism
  • "We shouldn't get involved with 'moral' issues": It's just as much as a moral issue to say that the government has no right to arbitrarily raise taxes or take our liberties. In fact, if we believe in the enforcing the rule of law, we should remember that ALL laws are based on morality.
  • "We shouldn't impose morality": In terms of "imposing", it is the Left that is forcing their agenda, usurping the powers of government, pushing onto the Public sphere their private perversions.
    • Roe v Wade was an edict from the Supreme Court to force states to removed its abortion laws, totally circumventing the legislative process
    • Lawrence v Texas was Supreme Court edict that nullified all anti-sodomy laws (some in existence since before the founding of our country), where the majority opinion cited FOREIGN laws as basis for their ruling.
    • Pro-abortionists manipulated the RICO laws to prevent citizens from exercising their First Amendment right to protest abortion clinics
    • After California and Utah voters approved their respective propositions to define marriage as being one man and one woman, various gay groups launched violent protests which included verbal abuse (which included racial slurs), cases of physical intimidation and assault, violation of private property and defacement of the same, and even the sending of white powder to various churches
    • In defiance of parental rights, school cirriculum in various cities include indoctrination of the gay lifestyle, even forcing one particular gradeschool class to attend a gay function
  • "We shouldn't waste time with controversial or divisive issues": The controversy is due to the fanatical and dictatorial ways (see above) with which the Left pushes its agenda. Moreover, expressing an opinion or taking a stand against the Left is our right -- it is NOT divisive. That is a lie used by the Left to keep people quiet. If then we are afraid of such issues, then we will lose everything if our opponents merely make enough noise!
  • "Most people don't really care about these kinds of issues": If the majority of people don't care, why would it be controversial? Why would the Left feel they need to use their extremist methods if the majority of people don't care?
  • "We should deal with 'bread and butter' (i.e. economic) issues": OUR taxes are being used to enforce Orwellian "hate-crime" laws or support abortions; Conversely, the deficit would probably not exist --and Social Security would still be solvent -- if we didn't murder 50 million tax payers. Moreover, if we let a radical agenda succeed in destroying our God-given constitutional rights in the name of "not dealing with those kind of fringe issues", there will be NO economic issues, as a tyrannical government would feel free take all our earnings to impose its politically correct policies.

Remember, if the government will not defend the very life of the unborn, it will not care about taking away the liberty and property of the born!


Below is my idea of a good conservative platform:
  • Mandatory life imprisonment and/or castration for child-molesters and rapists
  • Citing medical and scientific evidence regarding the "viability" of life, instruct the Attorney General to begin proceedings to indict abortion clinics and doctors who perform abortions on the charge of murder and/or conspiracy to commit same
  • Ban all embyronic stem-cell research;cite the above
  • Redirect all monies earmarked for abortion/embryonic stem-cell research to adoption agencies
  • Declare Lawrence vs. Texas (2003) as unconstitutional;cite the court's referring to foreign laws
  • Declare any state law which seeks to "redefine" marriage as invalid, stating that that is not the purpose of government
  • Abolish with "no-fault" divorce;cite data as to how it affects children
  • Dissolve Dept of HHE and Dept of Education
  • Investigate Planned Parenthood on charges of tax fraud, child abuse, and murder
  • Establish/increase tax rate on all gambling winnings (especially those from government-run lotteries); remove tax deduction for all gambling losses
  • Investigate state CPS agencies for violation of constitutional rights; greatly restrict practice of removing children from homes based merely on accusation (without proof) of child abuse
  • Declare all legislation allowing for any kind of assisted-suicide as illegal, saying that it legalizes murder and that it violates the Hippocratic Oath
  • Declare all government-run lotteries as illegal, saying that it is not within the purpose of government, and that it can lead to gambling addiction
  • Make mariajuana and other "soft" drugs for non-medical use illegal
  • Ban or heavy regulate "adult" sites


  • Remove of all capital-gains, "death"/inheritance taxes, and consumption or usage surtaxes (such as for gasoline)
  • All state/local taxes and fees (of any kind) to be tax deductable DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR from federal income tax owed, both individual and corporate
  • All insurance (medical, auto, home, etc.) to be tax deductable from federal income tax, both individual and corporate
  • Mortgage payments to be tax deductable from federal income tax, both individual and corporate
  • Work with states to replace all federal taxes with a sales tax, to be collected by the states
  • Balanced Budget + 10% surplus, stating that a frugal government is needful for a republic, as by not heeding financial costs a government may impose any tyranny at will
  • Reinstate of tariffs/taxes on ALL goods/services manufactured/performed in a foreign country
  • Cease participation in the "float" system of currency valuation; return to the gold standard
  • Limit the power of the Federal Reserve Board

Civil Liberties

  • Limit the TOTAL award for a civil suit to NOT exceed 4x the collateral amount; cite "excessive fines imposed" clause
  • Punish anyone who brings a civil suit which is then proven frivolous with fines equal tp the ORIGINAL claim for damages and/or prison time proportional to ORIGINAL amount asked; cite "due process"; if said person cannot pay, that person will serve jail time proportional to the original claim
  • No person found guilty of a crime may sue, nor shall a lawsuit made on the behalf of any person found guilty of a crime, for any damages whatsoever incurred during the commission of the crime in question
  • In the defense of a person in clear danger of bodily harm and who is not committing a felony, any force deemed appropriate at that time shall not be punished
  • Declare Patriot Act and Patriot Act II as unconstitutional as per the Fourth and Fifth Amendments
  • Declare all "hate-crimes" legislation or any other such program as unconstitutional as per the First Amendment, as well as per the "equal protection" clause of the 14th Amendment (because punishment for such "crimes" would grant extra protection!)
  • Significantly reduce the power of any federal agency or portion of federal agency that deal primarily with compensation of any kind for "civil rights" issues.
  • No one acquitted of a crime shall be subject to ANY civil suit or any charge of civil rights violations directly related to the events of that charge
  • Dissolve Department of Homeland Security
  • Dissolve BATF
  • Ban all surveillance flights over US soil
  • Begin investigation of possible racketeering charges of ACLU
  • Instruct Attorney General to review gun-control laws based on constitutionality, with the purpose of restricting/removing said laws;cite 2nd amendment clause "shall NOT be infinged"
  • Do away with ALL federal databases of registered gun owners
  • Declare any Supreme Court ruling which cite anything other than the Constitution as the basis of its ruling to be invalid
  • Instruct Attorney General to initiate a judicial review of Supreme Court cases
  • Announce that NO National ID of any kind shall be created, declaring it unconstitutional
  • Declare per judicial review Kelo vs. New London, stating that the 5th Amendment specifically mentions "public use", NOT "public 'benefit'", and that the vagueness of "public 'benefit'" would endanger all private property
  • Self-employed individuals may be excluded from serving any kind of jury duty
  • No employee may be fired for serving ANY length of jury duty


  • Discharge without honor from the military for all non-citizens
  • Dishonorable discharge from the military for all gays and felons
  • Ban gays, felons, and non-citizens from serving in the military
  • Discourage any married individuals, anyone living with dependents, and anyone under the age of 25 from joining the military
  • Women who get pregnant while in military are to be immediately discharged without honor
  • Anyone in the military fathering or giving birth to a child conceived out of wedlock shall be dishonorably discharged immediately
  • Stop all forms of "sensitivity" training
  • Increase all physical standards, based on male strengths; remove any physical standards or changes thereof which were designed for "inclusion"
  • Suspend ALL "rules of engagement"
  • Discipline of "verbal abuse", "harsh language", etc. used by superiors to subordinates to be determined solely by the immediate commanding officer
  • Declare it unconstitutional for the president or any other federal official or any official other than a state official to deploy nor compel to be deployed that state's national guard
  • Declare it unconstitutional for a national guard of a particular state to be deployed outside of the country,outside of that state into another unless requested by the other state
  • Declare it the sole purpose of a state's national guard, as per the 2nd Amendment, is to oppose forces of the federal government

Foreign Policy

  • Announce full support for the existence of the state of Israel
  • Withdraw from NAFTA, NATO, and various UN organizations, such as UNESCO
  • Withdraw all troops from most foreign soil
  • Increase funding/powers for CIA for special operations in foreign nations
  • Replace various electronic intel with human intel in foreign nations
  • Increase funding earmarked for submarines, aircraft carriers, and strategic bombers (for "force projection")
  • Cite Hague and Geneva conventions, announce that all combatants who are not in a recognized uniform who are captured are to be treated as spies and shot.


  • Declare that all non-citizens who have lived here for more than a total of 2 years and without proper authorization, such as visas, shall be deemed as "illegal"
  • Drastically reduce and/or tighten criteria for the issuing of student and work visas
  • Illegal immigrant may not own any weapons
  • NO licences of any kind (i.e. driver's licence) to be given to any illegal immigrant
  • NO credit of any kind (i.e. mortgage) to be given to any illegal immigrant
  • NO government benefits of any kind (i.e. welfare) to be given to any illegal immigrant
  • Any illegal immigrant caught to be sentenced to hard labor, citing that illegal aliens still owe allegiance to a foreign power and thus may be treated as either spies or agents of piracy
  • No automatic citizenship to children born to illegal immigrants
  • Illegal immigrants may not own any real property (i.e. land, house, etc.)
  • Illegal immigrants may not initiate civil suits, nor receive any compensation or award as a result of a civil suit
  • Declare it an act of war for any foreign government to in any way encourage illegal immigration into this country


  • Maximum of 4 terms for Representatives; maximum of 3 terms for senators.
  • Repeal/Modification of the 17th Amendment as it pertains to the direct election of Senators and Electors
  • Cessation of most "perks" (such as free medical care) for Senators/Representatives
  • Cessation of ALL "perks" for former presidents, senators, Representatives after a full term following that person's leaving office
  • Changes to pay or other benefits to US Senators shall be set by the legislature of that state represented by the Senator; for Representatives, by the district represented by that Representative; Changes to pay or other benefits to the President or Supreme Court judges shall be set by Congress
  • No currently serving elected state or federal official may accept the nomination, announce candidacy, or run for any federal office or position
  • No one convicted of a felony may serve as president, senator, Representative, or supreme court justice
  • ALL government communication or service of any kind, or any communication or serice of any kind whose majority of funds is paid for by tax payer dollars especially those regarding voting or benefits, are to be in English ONLY; the only exception shall be translation for any defendant or witness for the defense in a criminal case
  • ALL federal employees are to be subject to the same law/rules regarding job termination as are required by businesses
  • Prohibit the sale or other transfer of any personal information from ANY federal entity/organization/individual to any other entity/organization/individual, federal or otherwise; any such entity/organization/individual involved shall compensate the victim equal to any financial loss incurred by same, and with the possibility of being found guilty of a felony, subject to all applicable punishments
  • Any government official directly involved on behalf of a government agency in the execution of an action, regulatory enforcement or otherwise, and ruled as unconstitutional at any time, shall be held personally liable and serve prison time and/or be required to compensate the victim(s) at least equivalent to any financial loss incurred by same
  • Raise eligible voting age for all Federal and State elections to 25 years
  • No non-citizen shall hold any political office
  • No executive order, presidential decree, nor any statement by any member of any level or any branch of government shall affect the size, scope, jurisdiction, or number of any government agency, organization, or any other entity, unless as approved by majority vote in the legislature; all such orders, decrees, or any such statements shall only affect agencies, organizations, or any such entities directly employed by that level and branch of the government issuing such orders, decrees, or statements
  • No currently serving Senator or Representative shall change party affiliation.


  • Declare the Endangered Species Act as unconstitutional (citing the "fair and just compensation" and "illegal searches and seizures" clauses)
  • Declare the Wetlands Act as unconstitutional (citing the "fair and just compensation" and "illegal searches and seizures" clauses)
  • Declare Presidential power of making any land a "national monument" as unconstitutional (citing the "fair and just compensation" and "illegal searches and seizures" clauses)
  • Significantly reduce the power of the EPA
  • Any changes to administration etc. of national parks, forests, monuments, etc. especially creation or expansion of said lands, must be approved by the state in which that park is located
  • Announce that the US will not sign nor be bound by foreign treaties or portions of treaties regarding the environment
  • Remove all additional taxes which primarily address environmental standards
  • Authorize lifting of ALL restrictions regarding off-shore drilling or exploration for the same


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